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We'll have you back in the air quickly.

With our expertise in repairing single, twin, turbocharged, radial and turbine aircraft exhaust, we'll have you back in the air quickly. You can use the exhaust catalog below. If you do not find what you're looking for, please give us a call.

Exhaust Catalog


Aircraft Exhaust - Why Choose Acorn?

With our expertise in repairing single, twin, turbocharged, radial and turbine aircraft exhaust, we'll have you back in the air quickly. Every part that passes through our system receives only the finest materials and workmanship.

All sheet and tube are 321 stainless steel with most of our aircraft exhaust parts made from stampings just the same as OEM parts, not an inferior spliced together part. All welds are internally purged of course.


FAA-PMA parts are often not equal replacements for the OEM parts. They may serve the same function however the service life can be reduced due to poor design. Note the difference in construction between the units below. The difference in construction can result in a catastrophic failure of the exhaust. The OEM originally used 2 formed shells to build the parts while the aftermarket PMA uses fillet welded tubes. Formed tooling is quite expensive, the parts are originally designed to carry the load through parent material rather than through welded joints.

The Pull Through

We also use the pull through extensively; this is where a smaller hole is cut instead of the standard size hole. Then a lip is extruded to move the weld up from the crack prone shoulder area. This process creates a very strong joint between exhaust members.

Here you can see the difference between a part with and without a pull through.

Cessna 300-400 Pull through AD 2000-01-16

Here you can see the difference between a part with (right) and without (left) a pull through. The part on the left is cracked right alongside the weld.

Rigid weld fixtures are used to ensure precision fit when it's time for installation. Wire bails are added where possible in outlets to prevent blockage, another little extra. Finally, a leak test is performed and then the last QC inspection. All our welding technicians are certified to the rigorous AWS D17.1 Aerospace Welding Standard.

New and Overhauled Aircraft Exhaust Parts

The combined welding experience of our technicians is a staggering 319 years with two of the original employees from 1987 still with us. Large or small, simple or complex we are your 'One Stop Shop' for all your aircraft exhaust solutions.

Special Services- Twin Cessna Exhaust AD Compliance (AD 2000-01-16)

Acorn Welding Ltd is authorized to meet the overhaul requirements of "Paragraph G". We recommend that all exhaust be replaced at engine overhaul. Exhaust components overhauled by Acorn Welding are overhauled to like new condition using OEM materials and processes. Our exhaust is designed to exceed the 2500 hour inspection interval between changes. However due to the difficulty of removing some configurations we recommend that it be changed at engine change.

Twin Cessna Exhaust AD 2000-01-16

Many components in these exhausts can be manufactured our of Stainless Steel, Inconel or a combination of the two. The Cessna Maintenance Manual requires that Stainless steel, Partial Steel, Unknown or Repaired exhaust be ultrasonically inspected every 500 hours of operations. This inspection does not apply to the tailpipes, wastegate components, or exhaust stacks. However, it does apply to the slip joints, turbo inlet wyes and most importantly, the aft exhaust elbows. AD 2000-01-16 does not exempt this ultrasonic inspection and does not require the installation of Inconel parts. You may or may not have to the 500-hour ultrasonic inspection depending on your requirement to adhere to Cessna Maintenance procedures. However, in many jurisdictions , commercially operated aircraft are required to adhere to Cessna Maintenance procedures. Acorn Welding customers can contact us for a record of the materials used on their aircraft.

Special Services- Radial Exhaust and Vintage Restorations

Acorn Welding is the world's largest manufacturer of radial exhaust in the world. We not only rebuild and repair old exhaust we also manufacture new exhaust for out of production aircraft. Acorn Welding has built radial exhausts for many aircraft from the oldest Boeing in the world to the agricultural workhorses of the world all the way to today's modern fire suppression aircraft.


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